Tarocco Comune

This type of orange has a juicy red pulp highly pigmented, with a typical sweet and sour flavor and seedless; the peel has an average thickness and is reddish in color. Ripening begins in mid-December and the production lasts until May. The tarot has common characteristics of strength and qualities that make it popular all over Europe.



Tarocco Gallo

It ‘an orange fine quality and high caliber, which is characterized by thin skin and for optimal juice yield and which can be rightly regarded as the ruler of the tarot for its sought and appreciated organoleptic qualities. Rich “anthocyanins”, antioxidants useful for the prevention of certain diseases.


Orange of average size and shape tends to be oval.

It has a skin with shades of red and the flesh is seedless, dark red, growing in

intensity as it completes maturation. The juice yield is high and slightly sour taste.

Production from March to May and is suitable for both squeezed and juices.




This orange looks caliber medium­large and with a pronounced spherical shape. The production period is from December to February. It’s easy to peel a fruit for the large thickness of the peel which is a nice reddish color which increases with maturation.

The flesh is tender, devoid of seeds, fragrant, and with deep­red streaks. This fruit is particularly suitable both for consumption at the table both for the production of juices.


This type of orange has a vesting period that runs from November to March and includes features that make it very suitable both for consumption at the table for working in the industry.

It belongs to the category of white­fleshed oranges, so Newhall is particularly rich of vitamin C. The fruit is of medium size with a thin skin and is sold with the very leaf.




This is an orange with compact peel and intense red­veined­which has a production period from March to May. The fruits are of medium size, elongated or spherical in shape.

The pulp, seedless or nearly so, is bright orange with numerous reddish streaks of high intensity, it is very juicy and of excellent flavor with a slightly sour aftertaste.