We follow with attention and professionalism,

the entire supply chain,
from a cultivation made in respect of the environment and paying particular attention to the cultivation of “integrated pest management”.


Our oranges are protected by paper and come with stickers identifying with our own brand.

Are packaged with care in custom boxes of various sizes and materials to meet the needs of each client.


After the first washing stage follows that of the calibration with the sorting on the basis of size.

This time the production process is particularly important to ensure maximum compliance with the criteria of uniformity and quality.


We submit our citrus scrupulous and accurate processes of washing, waxing, drying, selection and calibration.

These procedures have the dual purpose of cleaning the fruit and also to make them presentable and attractive to our customers.


We value the fact that our oranges are to reach the final customer as soon as possible and that they can travel as safely as possible, so that the quality and freshness are not thereby altered. Deliveries are made by truck­fridge that within 24 hours of reaching the major markets in 48 h and Italian and foreign.

We bring the sun of Sicily on all the tables that they want!