Oranges and Vitamine C

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As is known, the oranges have a high content of vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system and for the synthesis of collagen, which gives elasticity and firmness in muscles, skin and bones.
Vitamin C is especially effective in countering the cancerous cells. This explains why eat oranges or drink orange juice, in addition to being a habit pleasant to the taste, allows you to counteract the deleterious effects of aging, reduce the harm from smoking, to protect the cardiovascular system, making use of multiple anti-inflammatory properties. The minimum daily requirement of vitamin C is estimated to be 60 mg 100 mg in subjects who become smokers. Although vitamin C is present in all varieties of orange that contains a greater amount on average tarot and brown varieties are grown in the plain of Catania and in a few strips of land surrounding, between the provinces of Catania and Siracusa. On the content of vitamin C affects both the production process, that the storage of the goods, which is why, as is evident in the fresh produce and certified, ensures a higher vitamin content than marketed through large retailers.

Source: National Union of Consumers

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